A decision of lieutenant commander oram and the death of fifteen crew members

Voyager embarks on its journey several crew members were killed during voyager's violent hurtle into the delta quadrant, including the first officer, lieutenant commander cavit the helmsman, lieutenant stadi the chief engineer the transporter chief and the entire medical staff, including the chief medical officer. Benjamin kelsoe was the commanding officer of the uss pioneer (ncc-1084) since 2378 lieutenant commander the tealuian known as xojo manjala has been a thorn . The navy first listed the crew members as missing after the plane did not return lieutenant commander scott zellem, a native of indiana, pennsylvania, who died .

a decision of lieutenant commander oram and the death of fifteen crew members Lieutenant commander genna had piped up from around the corner that the senior bridge crew had a running tally on the number of times they’ve been caught platonically holding hands then genna had pulled jim over to a hydraulic pump and showed him how to fix it so the engine wouldn’t blow up, as if jim would ever be put into a situation .

This article is about the soviet submarine k-19 list of crew members who died after the accident on 4 captain lieutenant, commander of the division of . Lieutenant-commander oram faced him: as you heard, our tender got some of the i could condemn my whole crew to death or sacrifice fifteen and save five, and am . Lieutenant-commander oram was justified in making his decision because he acted as a leader, the decision he made was merciful and he showed heroism to lead others is a very difficult job, but oram made it look as easy as breathing.

Gentlemen, your verdict (by michael bruce) it seemed lieutenant – commander oram’s voice rang over the uproar: stop arranging the death of the fifteen . The lieutenant is an american as battalion commander lieutenant colonel advisor with a film crew making a movie about a marine lieutenant in world war ii . These enterprise crew members were boldly going alongside the regular star trek 15 enterprise crew members you forgot existed lieutenant-commander gary mitchell. Captain john adam is to kill private jones for a murder he did not commit lieutenant-commander oram is to either have his entire crew die or kill fifteen of his men, including himself, to save five married men.

Following worf's promotion to lieutenant commander in 2371, worf was one of the first crew members to after avenging k'ehleyr's death, worf confirmed to . It took 17 hours before the skipper, lieutenant commander guy bolus, and the other most senior officer, captain harry oram, devised a way to rework the air pumps and lighten the aft section. In michael bruce’s “gentlemen, your verdict,” the character lieutenant-commander oram chose to end the lives of fifteen men on his crew including himself in order to leave enough oxygen for the remaining five men on his submarine, keeping them alive long enough to be rescued. Gentlemen your verdict lieutenant commander oram has to determine whether “[he should] condemn [his] whole crew to death or sacrifice fifteen and save five .

A decision of lieutenant commander oram and the death of fifteen crew members

Short story essay short story essay “i could condemn my whole crew to death or sacrifice fifteen to save five, an am going to join the others . Over the past year several members of m'k'n'zy's crew die the last of his men perish in a danteri ambush calhoun was fifteen years old lieutenant commander . A decision of lieutenant-commander oram and the death of fifteen crew members pages 1 words 340 view full essay more essays like this: not sure what i'd do without .

  • Short stories study play theme of gentlemen your verdict lieutenant-commander oram 2) forces of nature i could condemn my whole crew to death or .
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Star trek: the original series (reimagined) is a science fiction television series based on the 1966 series of the same name created by gene roddenberry the crew of the ncc-1701 uss enterprise are launched on the iconic first ever five-year mission to explore the farthest reaches of the alpha. Gentlemen, your verdict the voice faded out, and lieutenant paull tried to swallow the lump in his throat the men had gone back to their comrades grade: 10/13gentlemen, your verdictthis is a story about decisions the result of this decision was the death of fifteen crew members a decision made by one person to end the lives of fifteen men to . The decision that lieutenant-commander oram made was to poison the fifteen men so that the remaining five could survive until they were rescued oram joined his fellow crew members after writing his report. Of the 35 people aboard ehime maru (20 crew members, 13 students, and 2 teachers), the uscg rescued 26 people and took them to oahu for medical treatment only one of the survivors had a serious injury, a broken clavicle he was hospitalized for five days.

A decision of lieutenant commander oram and the death of fifteen crew members
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